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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine

Daren Ackwood is a bad boy with a mysterious past-He's the kind of guy who knows he can get any girl he wants. Kayla doesn't do bad boys-in any sense of the word. They have a tendency to leave scars and dust trails in their wake, and Kayla isn't running short on either. So when Daren rolls up to her father's funeral in his shiny sports car, Kayla knows she needs to keep her distance during her brief stay in this tiny God-forsaken town. She's here to take care of her father's will, nothing more. The trouble is, Daren doesn't see it that way. And he usually gets his way.

My Thoughts:

Wow, I loved this book! I absolutely adored it!

I loved the whole scavenger hunt to find the money Kayla's dad left her and Daren, it was so fun to read about and I loved how it brought Kayla and Daren together. I loved seeing how their opinion on each other in the end completely changed from the beginning of the book. 

I really liked Kayla as a character. She was very real and she had self respect which is very admirable. She stayed away from guys because she was trying to focus on getting her life together and she doesn't want a guy who only likes her for her body, she was to be viewed as a person, not just ass and tits, which made me respect her a lot. With the kind of crappy life she was handed I would have expected her to be more bitter and bitchy, but she wasn't. 

And Daren...It was so nice to see his back story and get much more of a feel for him as a character. I liked him in Best Kind of Broken because I thought he was funny, but now I'm just totally in love with the dude. He's stolen my heart and I'm glad he has. Daren is sexy, hilarious, witty but also not as tough as he makes you think. He's had a really tough life and everyone he's cared for has left him, making him think he's not worthy of anyone. He thinks all he's good at and good for is sex, which just tore my heart. I wanted Daren and Kayla to get their happy ending so bad because they deserved it so much. 

I loved reading as Kayla finds out the real reason behind why her and her dad lost contact and how all the hurt and bitterness she has pent up towards him gets replaced with the love she has for the father she knew when she younger, not the one who was absent. That was just beautiful and even made me tear up.

This book was so fantastic I stayed up until 1am to finish it. My eyes were heavy but I just could not stop reading until Kayla and Daren got their happy ending. I am so glad they did in the end because they both deserved it so much, that and more. I loved this book, the characters and how everything came together in the end. I will definitely be reading more of Chelsea Fine's books in the future!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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